Would you like to have an orgasme? Just pack your bikestuff and join us at the
BIDIDU TRAIL on may 10, 2018 in Brouch/Mersch, in the heart of Luxembourg.
We see mountainbiking as a medicine against boredness, depressions, overweight, grumpyness and of course erection problems.

Foreplay or sexual activity can be started between 08:00 and 10:00,
just as you please

So come and find your excitment on one of our 4 trails, pleasure yourself on our foodstations, get an orgasme on one of our numerous singletrails or just get happily filled up with our catering, just after you had a sexy shower and cleaned up your loved one at the bikewash.

How to find us? Click on the map
When you enter the village of Brouch, just follow our panels
guiding you to the starting point.